I always liked colors, forms and movement… Perhaps because of this, I subtly redirected my computer science degree, towards a more graphical, interactive and creative world, the world of multimedia developer. With Flash and ActionScript as the main technology and the web as the road to express myself I began to work during the years of projects while training in what is now my job and my great passion: the 3D world.

"Finding Nemo" made me understand that I wanted to make a living by "that" and an elective class in 3DMax back in 2004 made me confirm it. Later specialized in Maya and Motion Builder and progressively training in programs such as Nuke, Real Flow, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere allowed me to work as a 3D generalist for a few years and create my short film "Eideann". Meanwhile I was specializing more and more in animation until today, where I work as a character animator for high level productions.
  • 2015: Appeal and Entertainment course. AnimSchool

  • 2015: Facial Performance course. AnimSchool

  • 2014: Character Performance course. AnimSchool

  • 2010: Maxwell Studio course. University of Cartagena

  • 2009: Maya Advanced. Trazos

  • 2008: Advanced Character Animation course. Trazos

  • 2006: Master of 3D Animation. Trazos

  • 1999-2006: Computer Science. University of Murcia

  • 2020: Senior character animator at Skydance Animation

  • 2019: Senior character animator at Ilion Animation Studios

  • 2018: Senior character animator at Mikros Animation

  • 2018: Senior character animator at Able&Baker Studios

  • 2017: Freelance character animator at Cinemotion

  • 2017: Senior character animator at Tequila Works

  • 2015-2017: Character animator at Ilion Animation Studios

  • 2016-2017: Instructor in 3D character animation. U-tad

  • 2009-2015: Freelance 3D Artist

  • 2010-2014: Instructor in Character Animation. Trazos

  • 2010/2012: Instructor in Autodesk Maya. Universidad de Cartagena

  • 2007-2008: 3D Artist and developer. Bizpills. Madrid

  • 2007: Flash and ActionScript developer. Como Produzco. Madrid

  • 3D Tools:
    Maya, 3dMax, Motion Builder, Vicon, Realflow, Maxwell Studio

  • Multimedia tools:
    Nuke, Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, Flash, Dreamweaver

  • Development languages:
    ActionScript, Java, Javascript, PHP, HTML, mySQL, C

  • Spanish native

  • English Level B2. First Certificate in English.